Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ouh.. It's almost a week did not update new story. Ada korang kisah?? Haha.. I know.. No one care!

Okey.. Seriously..

Entry ini terpaksa di'rahsia'kan. Atas sebab-sebab yang rasanya dah mention sebelum ni.. But don't worry. You still can read this. You still can know what happened to me in a last 3 days.. Just let me know by leave your email in chatbox or this comment section. Or contact je lah aku macam mana cara sekali pun. Facebook, YM, SMS, email.. Then, you can read this entry as usual after you received a key word from me..

Thank you..


Fina said...

nak password! hntr kat fb k.

AuraFIza said...

orait ;P

jepeng said...

neway, Fizzu okey la..
sy knal die.lg pn fiza pn da knal die lame kn.
sure u know the real him.
Tp cam nak tau gak nape ngn die tu..tanak btau sy ke?hehe.